Call us bloggers!

graduation champagne

Ching! Ching! We have a BLOG!

That’s right The Bothy are coming up to date with this our first ever Blog Entry. It’s a great way to let you all know what amazing things are happening at The Bothy and to basically have a good old chit chat.

We have been here over 10 years now and 2016 is to bring something super exciting, can’t gossip about it too much just yet but there sure are going to be some mega changes to our beloved Bothy.

Our weekends are dominated with Cocktail Master Classes, Fine Dining pre and post theatre, delicious cocktails and plenty of prosecco.

So if you haven’t been in a while or are itching to give us a try then book a table or pop in, its that easy.

Got to run for now but I’ll get back to you with more gossip and happenings, thanks for reading. WooHoo! Our first blog.